MidCity Development & Concerned Black Men Work to Address the Digital Divide in Ward 5

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  • March 15, 2018


While approximately 85 percent of Washington has access to a broadband connection, residents of Ward 5 – including Brookland Manor – lag well behind, with just 65 percent of homes connected.

As our society becomes more and more reliant on technology and broadband internet, this “digital divide” separates Ward 5 and Brookland Manor’s youth from access to the critical information and skills needed to obtain a higher education and makes it more difficult to land a good job.

That’s why on March 4th, MidCity launched a partnership with Concerned Black Men to bridge this gap. The effort will foster computer literacy, improve life skills, create learning interest and improve employment opportunities for young residents of Brookland Manor.

Through this new partnership, students at Brookland Manor will have the opportunity to learn about technology by using mobile devices like tablets. Students will learn how to use this technology for research and school projects, as well as for filling out college applications. And because we believe learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom, participants will also go on field trips to show students the value of digital literacy.

Concerned Black Men is a committed group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of youth through workshops, trips, competitions, and scholarships.

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