MidCity Partners with District of Columbia Fire Department

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  • January 4, 2017

MidCity worked closely with DC Fire to make the Brentwood Village Shopping Center available for training activities prior to it being demolished.  In appreciation of the opportunity provided by MidCity, Deputy Fire Chief of Operations Robert Callahan wrote:

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you on behalf of our department for allowing us the opportunity to train on the soon to be demolished Brentwood Shopping center. This commercial occupancy allows us to sharpen our skills and prepare for fighting fires in these types of establishments.  While our training academy provides prompts that allow us to simulate operating at a commercial occupancy, there is nothing quite like working on an actual structure.

During the three days of training which were conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 25, 26 and 27th) we were able rotate several hundred Fire Fighters through this property for 3 hour blocks of training.  Specific skills that were taught and reinforced were large area search and rescue, roof top vertical ventilation, steel roll up gate forcible entry techniques and hose line advanced into commercial occupancies’.

I cannot overstate how valuable this training has been to our members and would like to relay the thanks and praise each member expressed to me for providing the practical training venue which of course was through your permission. In closing I would once again thank you for this opportunity and would like to work with you on any future properties that might become available.”

MidCity extends its thanks to DC Fire Department for its great and heroic work.  MidCity is grateful to have been able to provide them with an opportunity for these critical training exercises.